First Black And White Photography


Black and white photography is the oldest style of photography. Every photograph that you can think of, has the potential to be black and white. It depends on your imagination and a few key skills.

Black and white photography eliminates the the distraction of color. It tends to bring direct focus to your subject and can emphasize a message you’re trying to convey. If in doubt, turn your photo black and white and see if it feels more “powerful” to you.

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Ever since louis daguerre produced the first, eponymous daguerreotype image in 1839, photographers have been experimenting with light and exposure to produce fantastic results. While black and white images were prevalent throughout the turn of the century, due to camera film’s exclusive ability to produce imagery in monochrome, advances in photography equipment and technology made it …

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Black and white on your camera. Before digital photography the only way to work in black and white was to use black and white film. Thankfully, now it’s much easier to work in black and white, just by switching your camera to monochrome mode (check your camera’s manual if you are unsure how to do so, look for picture styles settings).

Black and white photography, at first, might seem like a strange, romanticized anachronism, but in fact, it isn’t so at all. While it is true that color film became mainstream in the 30s and 40s thanks to the invention of Kodachrome , black and white photography didn’t become obsolete.

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