Glycerin Water Drop Photography

Floating Petal: Canon 7D, Canon 100L-Macro made from 19 exposures. Creativity is all about having fun and showing your own personal vision with the photo subjects you choose. You don’t even have to leave home to use this liquid glycerin drop photo reflection technique.

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Spraying water, or water and glycerin will not create natural dewdrops. Its a whole different thing with different physics. Yes , you can cheat and create the dewdrops, but not by splashing water droplets of any size or consistency on the object. Dewdrop form by condensation, not by rain or spray.

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Adding Dew Drops to Enhance Macro Nature Photography. By the way, if you get thirsty, don’t drink the water and glycerin mix. Hydrate in some other way. adding glycerin and making the drops larger is almost essential if you want to get one of those close-up shots of a single dew drop …

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Taking on a photography project is a great way … their lowest power (1/128th), an aperture of f/22 and water mixed with Xanthan gum to make a more viscous solution. We also used a SplashArt water …

Water is a favorite photography … use dew drops to amplify the intricate details of an object. This spider web is bejeweled with dew. (Photo: Pitiya Phinjongsakundit/Shutterstock) Tip: To get water …

Corrie White, 63, has spent many hours perfecting the art of liquid-drop photography but admits that … by using drops of milk or cream as well as water, often thickened by additives such as gelatine …

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