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Texas Lemon Law and its limitations on used cars…. by Kevin Le. With the downturn of the economy, a lot of people are now purchasing used cars and vehicles in order to save money. Generally speaking, new vehicles depreciate so aggressively that purchasing a pre-owned car makes a lot of financial sense.

Sep 11, 2007  · by Kevin Le. As a lemon law practice in Dallas, Texas, my office receive calls from potential clients with used or pre-owned lemon cars very often. The first question asked is whether the Texas lemon law applies to pre-own or used car cases.

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Lemon Law in Texas. Like virtually every other state, Texas has a consumer protection law, or " Lemon Law ," designed to protect car buyers from chronically malfunctioning new vehicles. While it won’t turn a sour car into a sweet one, it does offer financial protections for the consumer. In a nutshell,…

The complaint alleges that these practices violated the New jersey consumer fraud Act, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Advertising Regulations, the Automotive Sales Regulations, and the state Used Car …

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Sometimes these laws are labeled lemon laws by legislators, particularly when they are designed to provide a process by which consumers can rectify recurring problems they experienced after purchasing …

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Millions of people in Florida and Texas are starting to pick up the … in place surrounding any new car you may buy from lemon laws to manufacture warranties. Although, when it comes to used cars, it …

9.4.18 - The Texas Lemon Law and purchasing a used car Check the information on the Texas Lemon Law that came with your vehicle. This website will provide you with further information on your rights under the law and the complaint process and eligibility. Consult with legal counsel, if necessary. Dispute Resolution. TxDMV can help the parties settle lemon law cases, which can save you time and money.

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